Jason Halek’s Dynamic Leadership Results In Thriving Oil Business

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Since childhood, Jason Halek has possessed an entrepreneurial drive far beyond his years. With a keen eye for business, he has always had the ability to spot a smart business opportunity. From establishing a soft drink machine at his father’s office building at the age of 12 to becoming the youngest person ever to lease and operate a Sinclair gas station at 21, Jason Halek has never been one to let an opportunity pass by. So when he drilled his first well in the year 2000, those who knew Jason Halek were confident that he would soon be a leader in the oil and gas industry. After experimenting with cutting edge stimulation techniques and refining production methods, Jason Halek now has some of the most productive wells in Jack County, Texas. As of September 2011, he had drilled more than 75 wells in Texas, Montana, and North Dakota.

Jason Halek Inspires Others To Achieve Their Dreams

When it comes to Jason Halek’s oil and gas companies, he makes everything his business. You won’t find him hiding behind a desk all day; he prefers to take an active leadership role in all aspects of the day-to-day operations of his businesses. Clocking in between 60 and 80 hours each week, Jason Halek also encourages his employees to give every task their full focus and energy. A living example of how determination and hard work can result in success, Jason Halek has inspired countless individuals who know him, both professionally and personally. His accomplishments in the oil and gas industry have been purely a result of hands on experience and the advice of seasoned veterans of the profession.

In addition to his many significant business ventures, Jason Halek has always felt a calling to help his fellow citizens in need. While his involvement in philanthropic causes has long been extensive, he still felt as if he had something more to give. This feeling led him to establish Halek Charities, a nonprofit organization that has provided assistance to over 30 charitable causes in Texas and across the globe.

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